Further is your one-stop place to outsource project development. Top companies hire our developers for their most important projects. Why? Because many businesses like yours do not have the resources to innovate. We change that by providing the right people and gather high performing teams at one place like no one else.


Why us? 

We care to go further. We are here to maintain your business while saving your budget. No job postings. No interviews. No headache. We will help you to avoid the expensive hiring process and stay away from chaos and unexpected complications. 

We want you to excel in design and development and get a competitive edge for your company. Now it’s easy to get an access to a network of hand-picked industry experts. Your new team is ready, global and relentless. We make it simple to find great IT professionals that are hard to find faster. Just get your job done and turn your ideas into reality.

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    Hire technology experts in 5 simple steps

    Define project goals

    First things first. Planning is crucial in every process. You, as a clarinet, will provide us with your thoughts and ideas, and our team of experts will give our suggestions based on them, and all together we will develop strict plan and timeline who, when and how will translate your idea in final profuct.

    Match with IT talent

    There is no second chance for the first impression, right? So lets make it perfect. We will create unique design for your webpresentation. We will carefully incorporate all your branding elements as: logo, branding colors and style that will perfectly match with what you as a company are offering and also will be suitable for the audience you are addressing to.

    Approve your match

    Before this step your web site was just a pretty face. Now lets add some brain, capabilities and functions. Even your visitors will not see what our developers will write and implement, they will appreciate a lot fast, stable and secured experience they will get using your well developed web presentation, e store, blog or digital magazine.

    Build your dreams

    This is what makes us different than other companies on the market. We are not just make modern, fast and secured websites in WordPress, we are also optimize it before going online. What thatt means, you say? Well, that means that we will do all basic (and beyoind that) on-site sEO optimization, and image/code optimization so your website will be on search engines at no time, and probably well ranked than other ones in your niche. Pretty cool, right?

    Launch your solution

    This is final step in our development process. From their creators, we will become “worst enemies” to your website. We will test its limits, we will attack from all sides and fix all vulnerabilities and weak points. We will train it like Karate Kid or Rocky, until we develop a bullet-proof solution ready to face some of most dangerous and always “creative” attackers out there in the scarry place called internet.

    Your Path To Victory

    1.  Think Strategically
      Do you really want to stay focused and get the most out of your coders? Then develop a solid foundation by going through a thorough examination first. We perform business analysis to define your requirements and prioritize your development plan. We use scrum methodologies and run sprints to cut out unnecessary details. This allows both sides to be more strategic and effective in solving your problems. Our end goal is to deliver your final project smartly, quickly and at an incomparable price.
    2. Iterative Development
      We hate wasting everyone’s time and we know you hate it too. That’s why we develop our projects iteratively by delivering features in several phases. We want you to have an ongoing insight into our work and plan your customers’ needs carefully. And that’s not all. We also love following the best software development practices and creating solutions that meet everyone’s needs. That’s how we are constantly winning in the field.
    3. Stronger Together
      Team mentality is in our blood. Our coders are team players and they strive to help everyone to hit your business target. We work together to improve the world of technologies, grow your business and support you in achieving success. We are devoted to developing business relationships and making things happen. We want you to lead and our IT talent has demonstrated professionalism and knowledge to do so too.
    4. The Development Process
      Finally, we are ready to start programming and solve your technological challenges. Our programmers will be the backbone of a solid software product: you will communicate and collaborate with them to build flexible and secure IT solutions. From complicated enterprise solution to simple web / desktop / mobile application – we design quality software and innovate with tech trends. We are committed to enabling good business and bringing your products & complex applications to market faster.
    5. QA And Development
      Without quality assurance, you are risking to fail in making your solution as usable as your client or customer wants it to be. That is why we spend time to make sure that our code passes QA testing in our development phase. It is our mission to ensure that the final product has no bugs and functions according to your requirements and specifications. Our sprints are full of activity and careful planning and this allows us to move our development process at a fast pace.Go further and outsource project development today.