Organizing and planning workflows now made delightfully simple. Single screen focus, 1 dashboard with all the data at one place. It’s the ultimate tool for busy teams and SMEs. Our flexible system it’s up-to-date and allows you to delegate tasks only to relevant staff. Your deadlines can be always met but only if you choose to do so.

Eliminate risks and negative outcomes before they even happen

Employee onboarding and turnover costs money. One in five employees resigns during the probation period because many companies like yours fail to do it right. While trying to save money on software, small-to-medium size businesses get stuck in using spreadsheets or paper to manage their employees. This creates even bigger chaos, decreases productivity and affects your employer branding badly.

So what can you do?

Track everything at one place

Companies with limited budget like yours need to choose a solution that will help you prioritize and discuss your team’s work in full context, clear picture and complete visibility. All it takes is one small step to accelerate your employee onboarding and free your HR to focus on more valuable tasks. With us, your crew can shoot for the moon, and get there. What’s stopping you from growing now?

Do not risk to lose your new employees

New team members need to be informed and comfortable with all the processes, tools and operations happening in your company. Tough problems arise when multiple new employees start at the same time. The mismanagement of information and not being able to track your progress in general is a headache for HR. Our solution makes your employees feel welcome and allows them to get productive quickly by creating clean and simple workflows accessible everywhere you go.

Improve your team performance by using a HR task management software solution that your team can put to use.

Ready to organize your success now?